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Moose Buck Board

Moose Buck Board

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107MUS...The Moose and Grasmeyer Brothers congratulate all area hunters on a very successful hunting season.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a picture of this year's buck.


Check out this year's racks HERE!



And this year's winners are: 


Adult Category - Valerie Stray  AV 19226 AXIS 3006


Youth Category - Mason Smith  SAV 19225 AXIS 270



Third Place - Bud Mcfarren                          THE OUTPOST:


§ It holds up to 20 pounds of feed, which is enough to keep your game in the area for about three weeks.

§ You get to choose the time of feeding (up to four times a day).

§ You get to choose the feed rate.

§ With its lightweight design (only 25 pounds when full) and convenient carrying bag you can carry it with ease farther into the woods than your average climbing tree stand.

§ The Outpost comes in two easy to hide color schemes: grey and brown



Visit the Grasmeyer website HERE

Good Luck in the Woods!  





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