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Moose Buck Board

Moose Buck Board

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107MUS...The Moose and Grasmeyer Brothers wish all area hunters a very successful hunting season.  When you bag your buck this year, send a picture of it to  It will then be posted for all to see.  Like last year it doesn't matter how big the rack.  You all have an equal chance of winning.  You may be asked to show a valid tag to verify that it was taken this year.


Check out this year's racks HERE!



Here is what you can win! 



Adult Category - SAV 19226 AXIS 3006


Youth Category - SAV 19225 AXIS 270



Third Place - THE OUTPOST:


§ It holds up to 20 pounds of feed, which is enough to keep your game in the area for about three weeks.

§ You get to choose the time of feeding (up to four times a day).

§ You get to choose the feed rate.

§ With its lightweight design (only 25 pounds when full) and convenient carrying bag you can carry it with ease farther into the woods than your average climbing tree stand.

§ The Outpost comes in two easy to hide color schemes: grey and brown



Visit the Grasmeyer website HERE

Good Luck in the Woods!  





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